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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Is It Finished Yet?

I hate laundry. I absolutely hate everything about it. Sorting clothes, washing clothes, folding clothes, ironing clothes, and putting them away. At this very moment piles of laundry lay on the chair in my living room, on the dining room table, the rocking chair in my bedroom, and in the dryer. The folding part of the laundry is unfinished. I love clothes and shopping for clothes, but not completing the laundry.

In an extra room in our house I have a tub with several scrapbooks. There is a scrapbook of our various travels, one of our son's Navy career (at least what we know of it), another of our grandson, and one for our granddaughter. Packages of stickers, pictures, letters, paper, and every scrapbook supply or gadget you can imagine are waiting to be utilized. The scrapbooks remain unfinished.

Making lists used to help finish different tasks. I took great satisfaction in marking something off of the list. But there was always something else that could be added to the list. It was not unusual to have 20-30 items on a list. The things on this list were mostly just minor day to day living things that have to be done to keep our house and lives in balance and running smoothly.

So, I probably need to get started on my lists again. Seems like I cannot get things finished without them. And if you know that something helped in the past, why not go back to it and try it again.


  1. Hey speaking of laundry, wanta come do mine I have a ton to do. :-)

  2. When i was on homebound fir school, ikept lists of all the assignments i was given for helped me tramendously in keepiung cought up with my classes!